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  • The first single EVEN IFtaken from the upcoming Debut EP, AS REAL AS WAR drops DECEMBER 3, along with EP preorders, new merch and some special perks to grab! Get the single for FREE and have first access to EXTREMELY LIMITED FIRST EDITION VINYL by signing up for our e-mail list at the bottom of the page! 

  • The Quiet Loud are pleased to announce that they have finished re-writes and scratch takes for their first EP *&* their first full length... and have also decided on the track listing! Recording begins September 27. 

  • Pre-Orders for debut EP REAL AS WAR now begin DECEMBER 3, along with new merch and some special perks to grab! Arrives Spring '22!

  • The "Ooh Child" Download *Small Venue Fundraiser* has been extended through 12.31.2021. All proceeds to our hometown smaller venues! Download on iTunes, Amazon, or Google to contribute! SEARCH: The Quiet Loud Ooh Child

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The Wizards Behind The Curtain...

Formed in 2007. Disbanded. Did other semi-successful projects. Rebanded. <--- That's not a word. (We don't care, much). Scrapped all old material, and wrote a magical album together that soundtracks the Neverlands of your hearts. Well, we didn't really write it, the songs were beamed to us from above. <----- (That's a Thom Yorke quote ripoff). Now, we are deciding artistic thingys and such. Rearrangements, lyric analyses, and four-dimensional planning <---- (We promise, you'll understand when you're just a little bit older). -------> We're the result of a still small voice that entered us but comes out screaming. Because we don't know how to act. Well, we don't really Kurt-scream... You'll see.... You will. We leave ya with this: How do you keep a dream alive? You keep dreaming it! x-<3-QL



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